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What does Chinese Finance Club offer?

Campus Connections

 Connect sponsors with 200+ finance/business-focused student audience and 20+ student organizations

Chinese Finance Club has the benefit of utilizing many connections across campus, in professional organizations and socially &environmentally responsible groups, as well as a wide range of academic disciplines and departments. This allows us to reach out to a large student population with diverse interests and experiences and target specific student groups when necessary.


Engage with a selective member network of UC Berkeley's most-ambitious, determined and inspiring undergraduates

All of our externally sponsored events are mandatory for our current members to attend. Our organization alone guarantees that your efforts on campus will engage the brightest and most passionate students in addition to those you already connect with.

Exclusive Marketing

Create campus-specific marketing materials and publicize sponsored event through various social media platform

Chinese Finance Club provides extensive marketing services to improve awareness of your events and target student attendance from different academic and professional backgrounds. Methods we use include flyers, classroom announcements, newsletters (both internally and externally), social media, and departmental contacts.

Venue Reservation

Accommodate sponsors with extensive venue service across campus facilities

Chinese Finance Club has the ability to leverage connections across campus, for example, with the Center for Responsible Business at Haas, to ensure our events are held at professional, easily accessible, and accommodating venues.

For further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to the Public Relations Chair and External VP:

Jessica Ni

Chinese Finance Club

Public Relations Chair Spring '21

Lily Chen

Chinese Finance Club

External VP Spring '21