Chinese Finance Club (CFC) provides our members with one-on-one mentorship, abundant professional training opportunities as well as alumni network which consists of driven individuals currently working in the leading finance and business firms.

Our members engage to collaborate for a variety of events, including Case Competitions, Speaker Series, Volunteering at local schools, and company Recruiting Info Sessions.​

Our goal is to help every member not only grow professionally but also find a welcoming and supportive family on campus, and we hope all of our members can thrive in the finance world.


We select candidates whom we can offer the most benefit. In our embracing culture, we are able to foster a close-knit community where members support each other and learn effectively together. 


We stress that via the mentorship of the club, new members are able to find their unique path in finance. We are able to provide effective mentorship to help members navigate through the challenging process.



We have strong relationships with our alumni, MBAs, MFEs, and other finance professionals from all over the world. These connections allow us to ensure that our members are on track before and during recruitment. 


CFC x Vanguard Virtual Info Session

Oct. 7th, 2020